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Queen Excluders
Wire mesh queen excluder. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
Hive Strap
A robust strap with a simple thumb tab locking mechanism.
4M Strap with Hook
Strap with hook making moving hives easier as you dont have to unroll the whole strap. OUT OF STOCK
Bee Brush
A plastic handled soft bristle brush for gently moving bees.
Frame Grip
Frame Grip for removing frames from your hives.
Frame Rest
Frame Holder made of steel for holding frames outside of the brood box.
Double Slide Strainer
Made of stainless steel.
Hive tool
Two varieties of hive tool are available. A standard tool and the tool with lifter.
Honey buckets
Plastic buckets for the storage of honey, supplied with a matching white lid.
Honey tap
A nylon 1 1/2" honey tap.
Uncapping Knife
Clearer boards
Crownboard, Rhombus and Split boards. RHOMBUS & SPLIT ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK